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*just after his confrontation with May and Tony, Peter is, once again, webslinging to blow off steam.

He also plans to, at some point, think about new living arrangements because he doesn’t feel like he can stay with Aunt May, now knowing for certain what he does.

Aunt May does blame us for Uncle Ben’s death.  She thinks we’re a murderer… We shouldn’t be surprised by this though.  We knew it.  Deep down inside.  Always.  But we were afraid to push.  Afraid to hear the truth.  Because hearing it makes it real.


No more fear.  Now we accept things as they are and move on.  No one can be trusted.  Everyone hurts us or betrays us or abandons us.

They’ve all abandoned us… All we have is ourself…

Wait… But…Gwen…

Gwen wanted nothing to do with us.

But…we hurt her.

She deserved it.  Deserved more.  But at least she’s left now.  She can pollute our life no more.  Just like the rest with their lies and their false pretenses.

But…we hurt them all.  We made them say those things, do those things.

We only brought it to the surface.  It was always there.  They were always going to hurt us.  Always going to betray us.  We just ripped the bandage off quickly instead of slow.

He’s becoming confused and his swinging is growing sloppy from the inner conflict.  He’s scraping things with his feet, having narrow misses with walls.

Wait, I-…we-… … … … 'We'? Since when I do refer to myself as-… These aren't me, these aren't my thoughts.

Of course they are, Pete.  Don’t be ridiculous.  We just-

No.  No! It makes sense! All the things I’ve said, all the things I’ve done… How everything’s fallen apart recently.  I would have never done that stuff! It’s… It’s you.  The Symbiote.

He lands in the infamous bell tower, purely by chance.  But something in him panics.

Stop.  What are you doing?

Landing before I crash.  …The bell.  Why are you afraid of the bell?


He looks for something to hit the bell with.



Finding nothing, he simply turns to stare at it.  He is invigorated by adrenaline, by the Symbiote’s fear.  Steadying himself, he takes a deep breath and runs at the bell with solely the force of his own body to back him.

The Symbiote slows his movements just before impact, but it’s too slow.

Peter cries out with pain from hitting the bell, but so does another voice.  The symbiote shrieks, his suit shuddering on his skin.*

The vibrations! They weaken you! *he rips at the suit.  A portion stretches out but it quickly slithers back to his skin.  He knows what he has to do.  He moves back, readying himself for another lunge at the bell.

But before he can, some symbiote goo launches from his arm and grips onto the wall*


*the same happens with his other arm.*

Stop it!!

No.  We will not let you leave.  We share a bond.

*struggles, trying to pull his arms free.*  Well…I’m….breaking it!!

Your wish is made in anger, in fear.  These emotions, they feed us.  They sustain us.  They give us strength.

*Just as what happened with his arms, his legs are soon braced too.  The Symbiote yanks him up onto the wall.  His suit melds together into a glob of goo, a cocoon. He is trapped.*

What’s- what’s happening?! *He panics as the lenses of his suit blacken over.  He can see nothing.*

We have become so much stronger.  And now, we will demonstrate.

*Wait, no.  Now he can see his hands, but that’s all he can see.  He’s sitting.  …on the floor of his room.

In front of him appears a file.  When he recognizes it, his blood chills.*

It’s the 00 Decay Rate Algorithm.

*he’s frozen.  His hands shake.  Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door.  The door stands alone in the darkness.*

I remember this… I remember-… The person knocking on the door is-

*His eyes widen and he rushes into standing.  The switch to control the electronic lock on his door forms from the shadows and he flicks it without a second thought, unlocking the door.*

C-Come in.

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