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Hey. The name's Peter Parker and welcome to my page. Considering that this font is set to always be capitalized, so it looks like I'm yelling - and I'm not - why don't you come here to learn more about me. I mean, if you wanna.

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In Search of the Elusive Canadian Wolverine

*now that Logan’s clothes have finally been found at Stark Tower, Peter’s been sent to Westchester to return them to their rightful owner.  But…he’s having a hard time locating the headmaster of the Jean Grey for Higher Learning.

He is, however, greatly enjoying his self-guided tour of the grounds.  THe freedom and acceptance that just flow in the atmosphere is something he really finds himself taken in by.  And he’s almost lost in it when he nearly bumps right into just the person he’s looking for.*

Oh! Mister-…uh…Logan! I’m sorry, do you have a last name, or- I’m not as prepared as I should be, I-… *it takes him a second, then he snaps his fingers and throws out his index finger in recognition.* Wait a second, I know you - you were at Doctor Banner’s bachelor party.  I’m Peter.  Peter Parker, I work for Tony Stark.

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cracksmash shorthairyandoldasballs help he won't shut up Peter stop it this is not how you make first impressions For whenever you have the time to RP! :D
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