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Hey. The name's Peter Parker and welcome to my page. Considering that this font is set to always be capitalized, so it looks like I'm yelling - and I'm not - why don't you come here to learn more about me. I mean, if you wanna.

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Brotime at the Apollo with Eddie and Peter

*has set his phone alarm to let him know when Eddie should be showing up to the place.  The alarm goes off.  He beams at his phone on the desk before silencing the alarm.

Writes up a note:

"Out to catch up with an old friend! Ready to run back if I have to.  Call if you need me! I have both my cell and my card on me :o)


Heads downstairs and searches the lobby, anticipating being there juuuust a few moments before Eddie gets in so that he can greet him.*

Posted: 1 year ago
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    *is deeply, deeply flattered.* Boy you’ve got a lot of confidence in me. Guess I should start having some of that for...
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    No problem, bro. *laughs* If you can’t, there’s always the t-shirt as a back up. But I wouldn’t worry; you’ve always...