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Hey. The name's Peter Parker and welcome to my page. Considering that this font is set to always be capitalized, so it looks like I'm yelling - and I'm not - why don't you come here to learn more about me. I mean, if you wanna.

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Semi-Charmed Intern Life

*sitting, doing filing.

Takes a good hard blink and brings his hands to his eyes.  Groans from exhaustion and stretches.  Then-*


*takes a second to really look at the form.*


*searches through the stack of papers.*

Are these from the gift shop? …Why am I getting stuff from the gift shop?! And how many did I file before I even realized?

*checks back.  …it’s a large number.*

Wow.  Yeah.  Okay.  Time to step away from the desk for a moment.

*gets up and leaves the office for some fresh air.*

Posted: 1 year ago
cracksmash don't ask me why I titled it that there's literally no reason. I don't even know what he's doing Peter what is your job anymore open for tagging!
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